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Re: LinuxTag 2003-Info

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 07:16:08PM +0200, Enrico Zini wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 08:03:25AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > Please remove your too restrictive (to not say broken and other less
> > sympathic things) spam filter when asking about replies for LinuxTag.
> > 
> > Filtering out France biggest ISP seems a bit strange to me, are you sure
> > whoever you trust for your spam filtering rules is not crap, severly
> > outdated, or maybe even having hidden agendas ?
> And one of the biggest italian ISPs, too.  I definitely agree that such
> aggressive blacklisting for an address used to organize a conference are
> a very bad idea.

What is more, i tried contacting them to know what is going on and to
try to undo this manifestily bad anti-spam rule, but they mostly ignored
me, and i even went to the trouble of using a different mailing address
for this.

Not that my ISP was particularly more receptive when i told them about
this, and that they should contact the spam bloquer and make them lift
their block.

I only hope that Andrea don't use this for his @debian.org address too.


Sven Luther

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