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Re: Posters for the Debian-Booth

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 10:42:54AM +0200, Federico Hernandez wrote:
> I have access to a HP DesignJet 800PS. Prints up to A0. I just need the
> postscript files of the posters and an address to send the posters to as
> I will not arrive in Karlsruhe before Thursday afternoon and my main
> means of getting to Karlsruhe from Sweden is Ryanair...

Dunno, but perhaps a big A0 version of the flyer would not be too bad?
Once in german, once in english perhaps.

Just a thought,


<tbm> hi Kamion
<Kamion> tbm: hi. er. where are you?
<tbm> Kamion: sitting in your living room ;-)

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