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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

Hi all,
ok the final image is on the way to the mirror, the deadline is over,
the golden master is burned and (hopefully) well tested and
"Ich habe fertig!"

I hope that we've produced something working and usefull for the visitors
and all others who might use the Image for Debian installations.

You can find the final image here in about 14h:
6b3fca268f2baa8a362d38297bb99d81  woody-i386-1_NONUS_LT2003-final.raw

You can take a look at the last changelog entrys here and blame me
for all those last minute changes later.

Have a good night or day I'm going to get about 3h sleep now ;)

One Unix to rule them all, One Resolver to find them,
One IP to bring them all and in the zone to bind them

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