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Re: LT CD and FreeCraft

On Sunday 22 June 2003 14:51, Sven Hoexter wrote:
> Hints, comments?

The authors got the C&D letter, so they might know it best.

I guess that among the offending aspects were the screenshots with the 
original graphics, which are not included in Debian (only FcMP), not even 
wartool (which would belong into contrib if at all).
But the name problem remains, and as seen with Mobilix, money (or stupidity) 
wins against reasoning.

The maintainer (David Martínez Moreno) will have to do the decision as well 
(debian-legal check?), so it's not LT specific.

My personal opinion is that if they get their way, many more free projects are 
affected, and this is certainly not in our interest (to say it mildly).
Unfortunately, free game projects are hardly supported by anyone, because they 
don't have a business value. Companies don't realize that if games are 
affected, it will eventually harm all other categories as well.


Play for fun, win for freedom.

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