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Re: status update LT 2003 CD

* Nicolas Kratz <nick@ikarus.dyndns.org> [030606 01:41]:

> > So, tell me, where is (at this poin) the difference between Windows and
> > any other Linux distribution?
> Nowhere. I read this as a normal (read: bend- and stretchable in all
> desired directions) politicians statement. It speaks in our favor for
> now, and I'd say it's good enough for us to distribute Debian CDs to
> minors.

Well... In those days I'm not that sure. Somebody might see a
difference between a OS containing 5 (?) small games, and a OS,
containing over 300 games (anybody counted them? greping to the
Package-File counts 430 packages).

I didn't heard of anyone, who installed Debian for the provided
games... perhaps I have just become a little bit to paranoid.


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