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Re: Linuxwochen Vienna, update

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 02:50:59PM +0200, Andreas Kreuzinger <andy@skater.priv.at> wrote:
>  o I take an adapter (13W3 <--> VGA) and/or a cable (13W3 <--> BNC) with
>    me and you organize a VGA monitor by yourself. (Be warned: TFT monitors
>    usually won't work with older Sparcs.)
>    If there are a lot of monitors available, one should fit.
>  o I have a 17" monitor which worked with almost any computer. Still no
>    guarantee.
>  o A Sun GDM-20E20 (20", 18.3 inch viewable) with a 13W3 connector.
>    Should work with any Sun.
>  o We have a few 20" / 21" monitors from Nokia, Philips, Sony. If you
>    know one (or more) model/type which works with your SS it might be
>    possible that this one is available.
> Which option is the best for you?

The best, but not listed option would be a old terminal like this one:
http://strickland.ca/humour/terminal.jpg :-) But a 13W3 <-> VGA adapter
is also ok.

so long,
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