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Re: Linuxwochen Vienna, update

Hi !

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* Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> [2003-05-26 18:14]:
>  needed:
> ========
>  keyboard/monitor for sun (@ndy?)
>  Andy, are you able to support us with a keyboard/monitor for the sparc?

Yes, sure.
The keyboard is not a problem, but:
Our Sparc stations at the institute 
(http://www.dbai.tuwien.ac.at/address/ if you are interested) are very
selectiv which monitor they accept.
That means, one monitor which works on one Sparc station doesn't work on
a second one and vice versa. I can't say if it's the fault of the
computer or the monitor.

And I can't take a bunch of monitors  with me to get one running.
So we have a few options:
 o You come to the institute and test which monitor works. If you are
   coming from far away, this might be impossible for you.
 o I take an adapter (13W3 <--> VGA) and/or a cable (13W3 <--> BNC) with
   me and you organize a VGA monitor by yourself. (Be warned: TFT monitors
   usually won't work with older Sparcs.)
   If there are a lot of monitors available, one should fit.
 o I have a 17" monitor which worked with almost any computer. Still no
 o A Sun GDM-20E20 (20", 18.3 inch viewable) with a 13W3 connector.
   Should work with any Sun.
 o We have a few 20" / 21" monitors from Nokia, Philips, Sony. If you
   know one (or more) model/type which works with your SS it might be
   possible that this one is available.

Which option is the best for you?

FYI: This event is from 5th to 7th june but I won't be there on 7th.
So someone I know (personally!) should take the hardware after the event.

mfg @ndy
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