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Linuxwochen Vienna, update


 Here is an update for the upcoming linuxwochen event in vienna. Some
people are added in the Bcc so they don't miss it -- sorry if you
receive it in double.


    who             |  Thu Fri Sat
 X me, myself and I |   X   X   X
 X Christoph Siess  |   ?   ?   X
 X Werner Macho     |   x   -   X
 X Stefan Kulka     |   ?   ?   X
   Florian Leeber   |

 ? ... not sure yet, I guess
 X ... for sure
 x ... quite sure

 Florian might be interested but hasn't said anything on when he is able
to join.


 i386 notebook by me
 ppc notebook  by Christoph Siess
 sun station 4 by Christoph Siess

 keyboard/monitor for sun (@ndy?)
 table clothing

 Andy, are you able to support us with a keyboard/monitor for the sparc?

 Christoph Siess organized 300+ Flyers and two A1/A2 posters.
 Werner Macho offered to plot some posters.
 Dennis Stampfer offered some platic foil stickers, special purpose
only, not as usual give away. They are too valueable to simply give them
away. He promised more or less to send them.

 So, that's the current status.  I am currently waiting for an answer
from Werner about the posters, I hope there is no problem here.  If
someone else can help with some of the other architectures we support it
would be truly appreciated.

 Have fun,
<antifuchs> I ate djbdns and all I got was this stupid licence

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