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Re: Debian @ LSM


On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 01:57:52PM +0200, Ludovic Pénet wrote:
> > > I heard that there will be several Debian-related activities at LSM 2003.
> > > Who is in charge of its coordination?
> > Damn, they perfectly managed to hide this event from the interested public by
> > 
> >     a) not announcing it (at least not enough - see below)
> It was announced in France.

Being so close to the German and Luxembourgish (sp? :) border, it
should also be announced at least in Saarland and Luxembourg. 

Even if I'm no more living in Saarland, I plan to put up some LinuxTag
posters at Saarland University (if noone else already did or plans to
do). I can also put up some for LSM, if needed. (Just contact me.
Joey: Will contact you for LinuxTag posters after checking if someone
else already plans to. Last year noone seemed to put up LinuxTag
posters at least in the CS building. But the posters I hung up in 2000
and 2001 still hang. :-)

> >     b) finding the same date as LinuxTag
> LinuxTag and LSM do not have the same public.

As far as I heard they do have quite similar public, at least
regarding developers. And the organisers tried to make it more
international (to get sponsored by the EU besides other reasons :), so
at least at that point the possible international visitors of the LSM
are of course also possible visitors of LinuxTag. And the new location
in Metz (which is really close to the German-French border in
Saarland), it's definitely much more interesting for German visitors
than the last times in Bordeaux.

E.g. I planned to visit the LSM at least for one day or so, even if
our Unix-AG at Saarbrücken currently does not to have the man power to
help in organising the event (One of the organisers contacted us,
asking for help in organising the event.) at moment, because of a
generation change took part last year. And I'm sure, if the Unix-AG
would have had enough man power to help, most members wouldn't be very
glad about that date, because many of them visit LinuxTag every year.
(Some also as Debian booth staff. Hi Y! :) And due to this also counts
for me (being Symlink booth staff at LinuxTag this year), I don't have
a chance for a visit.

> Reality is cruel. ;-) For a lot of reasons, we had the choice between:
> no LSM and LSM at the same date than LinuxTag.

I know, they tried hard and wish them success. :)

> As the public of the two meetings is not the same, I have little
> problem with this conflict.

I really don't believe, that this still counts, if the location is so
close to Germany. Even on this list, you found very quickly three
people, who would have visited both events.

I urge the LSM organisers to really take care of these issues, if it's
held again in Metz next year. (In the hope, it's held again in Metz
and I hope the Unix-AG Saarbrücken will be able to help next year. :)

		Regards, Axel
Axel Beckert - abe@deuxchevaux.org - http://abe.home.pages.de/

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