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Re: Debian @ LSM

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Martin Schulze wrote:

> I heard that there will be several Debian-related activities at LSM 2003.
> Who is in charge of its coordination?
Damn, they perfectly managed to hide this event from the interested public by

    a) not announcing it (at least not enough - see below)
    b) finding the same date as LinuxTag

In January this year I asked former organizers from LSM in Bordeaux for a
conference this year.  The only answer was that the people who did the real
work just burned out.  I just told them that I regard the LSM as a real
important event and it would be a shame if it would not be held.  That
was my last information.

They did put a hint on their web page about a changed location.  I have to
admit that I have heard about "some kind of event in Metz" but no words
about the continuation of LSM tradition.

The fact that they just choose the same date as LinuxTag now disables me to
join even if I would really like to take part in LSM. :-(((

If I look at the schedule I do not find any concrete facts and thus I wonder
whether they should try to shift the date to some date which does not conflict
with LinuxTag.

Kind regards


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