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Re: Debian @ LSM

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Axel Beckert wrote:

> Being so close to the German and Luxembourgish (sp? :) border, it
> should also be announced at least in Saarland and Luxembourg.
In fact when I attended LSM in 2000 and 2001 people came from
all over the world - even people from "Down under" ;-) joined and
this was much fun.  Thus we talk about a real international event.

> I urge the LSM organisers to really take care of these issues, if it's
> held again in Metz next year. (In the hope, it's held again in Metz
> and I hope the Unix-AG Saarbrücken will be able to help next year. :)
In my opinion it is not really important to be held in Metz - but it
should be held anywhere and to a reasonable time (regarding to other
events).  Helding a conference on one place is a profit IMHO to collect
experiences.  We have seen a big advance in Bordeaux from one year
to the other.

Kind regards


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