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LinuxWorld Expo Frankfurt: Everything is going well

Good morning,

now some good news: We will get a beamer for our booth, the exhibitor
passes arrived, and we are invited to the "LinuxWorld Get together
Party" (I know nothing about it, but it sounds like a sovial event) at
30th of october in the Römer (thats where our mayor works).

I think the best will be to use my brothers notebook for the beamer,
and place my desktop computer on our other table in the background for
detailed answers.

Michael Banck: I ordered an exhibitor pass for you, too (the last
status I heard from you was: "perhaps").
AFAIK you were the one, who thought Debian stickers would be very nice,
weren't you? Well, currently there are four 'Debian powered' stickers
avaible (and they have been touched by the DPL ;-) If this attracts you
to join us, I might give you one of them :-)

Jörg Jaspert: AFAIK you will arrive Tuesday morning. Do you know more
exactly, when you are going to arrive?
Will you bring your or your friends fast burner? Then I would order
some blank CDs.

Oh, one last point: Can somebody bring a 10/100 hub/switch?

Any questions left?


PGP key on demand, mailto:alexander@schmehl.info with subject "get pgp-key"

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