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Re: LinuxWochen.at, last infos

Gerfried Fuchs (alfie@ist.org) wrote:
>  This will maybe be my last mail before the LinuxWochen.at will happen.
> Fortunately everything settled out quite well, we got flyers from
> Credative, we got CDs burnt by pinguin.at , we got some posters and
> t-shirts. Should be mostly enough to not look like some jerks.

Regarding the T-Shirts: Joost's films didn't arrive in time (probably
a loop in Austria's Snail-MTA...) so I had to decide quickly on
another layout to have them made by Friday. As the Austrianized-Swirl
was the second popular proposal I chose that, with a few slight
improvements. Looks good, I've already tried on a sample shirt.


The autodecrement is not magical.  -- Larry Wall in the perl man page

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