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LinuxWorld Expo

Good morning,

just phoned with the Antje Kaeppel from the exhibition organization,
and we get our Debian booth at the LinuxWorld Expo (End of October in

Thanks to Christian Kurz and some Sponsors we we'll get on 3m*4m booth
(instead of 2*3).
I asked for an internet connection as well, and the .org Pavilion will
have some kind of dsl connection, which we share with the other free
projects. I think that will be fast enough to show how easy apt-get is
(and of course to check my mails ;)

In the next weeks I will get the confirmation for our booth, including
order forms for exhibitor passes and passes for the parking lot. We can
have as much as we like, but we need to order them. I don't know the
deadline for this order, yet.

And wrote a small summary about the current planing status, you can
take a look at it at http://www.schmehl.info/linux/lwe2002/index.html
(just a quick hack, with a lot of typo's).



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