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LinuxWochen.at, last infos

        Hi there!

 This will maybe be my last mail before the LinuxWochen.at will happen.
Fortunately everything settled out quite well, we got flyers from
Credative, we got CDs burnt by pinguin.at , we got some posters and
t-shirts. Should be mostly enough to not look like some jerks.

 Here is again the list of people that are staffing the booth, just to
make sure nothing has changed there:

  who             |  Fri Sat Sun
 Gordon Fraser    |       X   X
 Christoph Siess  |   X   X   X
 Martin Würtele   |   X   X   X
 me, myself and I |   X   X   X
 David Schmitt    |        X
 Roman Beigelbeck |   X   X   X

 Decentral X for David means in the afternoon only. Roman is the only
one who was added in the meantime.

 The hardware we can show has changed a little bit. Unfortunately the
Indy can't be there but I managed to organize a sparc station. Martin
Baer is still offering the m68k machine but has a transport problem (and
won't be able to be here all the time).  Would be nice to have it, I
guess. Doesn't hurt too much if not.

 Uhm, Roman? Would you bring your computer again to show some nice
Gnome/Gimp magic again, like last year?

 That makes mostly some i386 notebooks, a sparc station, maybe the m68k
machine and again maybe Romans machine. Please bring your own power
connectors with you and if you have some network cables, too. Christoph
will bring a 8-port switch to connect us.

 Btw., I tried out the LinuxWochen CD image and can say it's really nice
-- I like the multi-language support. The chinese and other non-latin
lanugage characters look great on the console; really nice to get the
peoples interest.

 Well, I hope that's all, have fun.
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