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Re: Linuxtag 2002 - report from the swedish guy


Jon Åslund wrote:
> > You mentioned the UnitedLinux effort, you may also want to mention
> > that somebody from Debian (i.e. me) was forced to join the podium for
> > an expert chat (unbelievable, I'm not even close to an expert)
> > covering UnitedLinux. The log is at http://www.heise.de/chat/
> > somewhere.
> Ah, thanks. Added a little link. I almost thought everyone had
> forgotten about it. Weird chat though. It was filled with strange

Yes, weird chat indeed.  And I was about to start sleeping while
typing, until I found something to fix the caffein cycle.  The chat
system was very confusing as well, two windows that started scrolling
and didn't stop...  Very confusing.

> questions about per-seat licenses etc. What goes on in those people's
> heads?

Marketing droids.  Commercial software often is different to Free
Software.  With commercial software you often have one license per
seat/machine/person/whatever.  With free software, you're invited to
use the software as much as you can.  Hence, some people are thinking
how to increase their income by using Free Software (and thus reducing
development costs) but introducing the old licensing model.

> > Oh, and I'm going to link to your diary from www.debian.org.  That's
> > pretty good, I always wanted to see some diary like pages for LinuxTag.
> Mine is actually the only one I have found (ok, I haven't looked that
> hard and it wasn't so hard to find my own :), although there are a
> bunch of sites showing photos from Linuxtag.

Yes.  One of our speakers promised me to write up a report as well,
but it's not yet online.  It'll probably linked and/or featured
directly from linuxtag.org



There are lies, statistics and benchmarks.

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