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Re: Linuxtag 2002 - report from the swedish guy

* Jon Åslund <d98-jas@nada.kth.se> [020616 06:04]:

> I remember that as well. Everyone were refering to me as the Swedish
> guy, so after a while I started to introducing myself as "Jon, the
> Swedish guy" or "Alter Schwede". You looked mighty confused. :)
Hmmm, we met wednesday noon, and you have been introduced "That's our
swdish help." and allthough we worked together, I didn't know your name
before Sunday.

Should make me think about something, but I don't know what :)

[ Diary ]
> Mine is actually the only one I have found (ok, I haven't looked that
> hard and it wasn't so hard to find my own :), although there are a
> bunch of sites showing photos from Linuxtag.
I took some notes for a diary. Sorry, but I was unable to write mine,
yet (some universitie work to catch on). I think it will be finished
this evening/night.



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