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Re: some extra LT review points ...

Michael Bramer wrote:
> 2.) 
>   The 'put a donation, get a CD' is ok. But if a visitor show a strong
>   interest in Debian, he should get a CD for free. 
>   But we must make some extra thoughts on this point. If we will not put
>   out CDs for free, we don't need thousands CDs and the Price per CD
>   will rise. Maybe we will not found/need some sponsors... 

I guess, we should reconsider what we want?

 a) Gain as much fund and donations from giving away CDs


 b) Spreading Debian GNU/Linux as much as possible by giving away free
    copies of the CD.

> 3.) 
>   Shows at the debian booths: If we make some shows, we need a big
>   Clock, a timetable (and make this public), some sort of micro and
>   maybe some sound/bell at the start 

Check: Somebody builds a large paper clock like the ones used at CeBIT

Check: Somebody feeling responsible for the booth *earlier* than this
       year who negotiates the timetable and stuff, so we can get an
       announcement on debian-news - and somebody needs to announce
       things on debian-user-german as well.

Check: Somebody should print the timetable large enough (i.e. A2 or

> Joey: can you start LT2003 and put this (and the other points) on the
>       web page?

Sure.  Done at http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2003/hints.html

Please let me know what is missing there.



1. Using the poster package it is possible to print A2 by using only
   A4 paper and printers, just make use of sissors and glue afterwards.

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