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some extra LT review points ...


I mail some mail with a visitor and I get some extra points:

  We should put some computers at the booth and every computer have one
  debian person. Also every demo-point show one topic, like
  Installation, SE-Linux, package-building, apt-get, ...

  The 'put a donation, get a CD' is ok. But if a visitor show a strong
  interest in Debian, he should get a CD for free. 

  But we must make some extra thoughts on this point. If we will not put
  out CDs for free, we don't need thousands CDs and the Price per CD
  will rise. Maybe we will not found/need some sponsors... 

  Shows at the debian booths: If we make some shows, we need a big
  Clock, a timetable (and make this public), some sort of micro and
  maybe some sound/bell at the start 

Joey: can you start LT2003 and put this (and the other points) on the
      web page?

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