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Re: some extra LT review points ...

Michael Bramer wrote:
> Hello
> I mail some mail with a visitor and I get some extra points:
> 1.) 
>   We should put some computers at the booth and every computer have one
>   debian person. Also every demo-point show one topic, like
>   Installation, SE-Linux, package-building, apt-get, ...
> 2.) 
>   The 'put a donation, get a CD' is ok. But if a visitor show a strong
>   interest in Debian, he should get a CD for free. 
>   But we must make some extra thoughts on this point. If we will not put
>   out CDs for free, we don't need thousands CDs and the Price per CD
>   will rise. Maybe we will not found/need some sponsors... 

What about "Free Bounty" for a CD, i.e. not a forced donation.

> 3.) 
>   Shows at the debian booths: If we make some shows, we need a big
>   Clock, a timetable (and make this public), some sort of micro and
>   maybe some sound/bell at the start 

The clock was planned, wasn't it?

> Joey: can you start LT2003 and put this (and the other points) on the
>       web page?




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