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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions


Christoph Siess (c.siess@gmx.at) wrote:
> T-Shirts:
> Gordon (Fraser): What is the current status about the T-Shirts? 
> If they are Woody specific or not is not the big deal i think. Alfie
> thinks thats its only a matter of time until we have sold all our
> shirts. 50 T-Shirts would be good i think, but that depends on how many
> money you will/can thrust out.

Sorry for the late response, had a busy weekend.
Yes, 50 should be enough. I didn't really get much feedback concerning
the T-Shirts, obviously Joost's version if preferred by the majority.
Therefor I have contacted him, and as soon as he sends me his films
and I get them I'll have the shirts made. If anybody has any concrete
ideas or suggestions for a different design, last chance to tell me is


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