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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions


On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 04:50:33PM +0200, Gordon Fraser wrote:
> Sorry for the late response, had a busy weekend.

No problem :)

> Yes, 50 should be enough. I didn't really get much feedback concerning
> the T-Shirts, obviously Joost's version if preferred by the majority.
> Therefor I have contacted him, and as soon as he sends me his films
> and I get them I'll have the shirts made. If anybody has any concrete
> ideas or suggestions for a different design, last chance to tell me is
> now.

50 would be very cool :). 
Other question: Do you have other printer equipment? We need somebody
who prints us some covers. Im in connection with a sponsor but i haven't
got a answer yet.

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