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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions - Debian Posters from Karlsruhe


On Sat, Jun 08, 2002 at 10:28:45PM +0200, Sven Guckes wrote:
> i took some photos of the Debian booth here at the
> linuxtag in Karlsruhe - with posters and people.
> i intended to download and put them up on
> some webserver so you (Alfie) can chose them.

Nice idea.
> however - unexpected problems:
> when I tried to take some more photos
> here at the barbecue party of KaLUG
> the camera (ixus 300) suddenly refused to
> take any.  it just shows "E24", retracts
> the lense and shuts down.  dang!

Hm, sounds not so good :(.
> we'll see what we can do.
> if all fails then kyrah will simply
> have to carry a lot...  hehe ;-)

Jep ;). btw When will you arrive in (or at?) Vienna?

so long,
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