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Re: Linuxwochen - Wien - open questions - Debian Posters from Karlsruhe


* Christoph Siess <c.siess@gmx.at> [2002-06-08 14:00]:
> Alfie just phoned me.. Here are the questions i discussed with him:
> We need someone who catches stuff for our booth from Joey.
> Sven (Guckes): When do you arrive in Vienna? Maybe you
> could get some stuff for vienna?  kyrah: Some for you.
> Alfie told me that you also could get some stuff from Joey.

i took some photos of the Debian booth here at the
linuxtag in Karlsruhe - with posters and people.
i intended to download and put them up on
some webserver so you (Alfie) can chose them.

however - unexpected problems:

when I tried to take some more photos
here at the barbecue party of KaLUG
the camera (ixus 300) suddenly refused to
take any.  it just shows "E24", retracts
the lense and shuts down.  dang!

so right now we are without any hardware
to either download the photos or try
to charge the batteries once more.

we'll see what we can do.
if all fails then kyrah will simply
have to carry a lot...  hehe ;-)


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