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Linuxwochen.at T-Shirt suggestions


As Joey pointed out we cannot be sure how many T-Shirts we are really
going to sell at Austria's Linuxwochen, therefor I suggest not to make
them Woody specific (e.g. Swirl+Cowboy hat).

I have prepared a few suggestions[1], all of them are meant for black
T-Shirts as I personally think that would be much cooler :-)

The first one is supposed to resemble the Austrian flag in some way,
at least it is red and white. The second one is simply the open use
logo, and the third one a slight variation. Check out Joost's page[2]
to see how cool this looks. 

Furthermore I would suggest not to place one huge image in the center
of the shirt, but to make it smaller and place it in the upper left -
again as Joost did it. (We could aswell use his layout as he has
offered to borrow his films.)

Anyway, tell me if you like any of these or show me other
suggestions. Time urges and we probably have many other, more
important things to prepare for Linuxwochen...


[1] http://people.debian.org/~gordon/shirts.html
[2] http://mdcc.cx/tshirt/

The "cutting edge" is getting rather dull.
		-- Andy Purshottam

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