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Re: Linuxwochen.at T-Shirt suggestions

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 11:54:12PM +0200, Gordon Fraser wrote:
> As Joey pointed out we cannot be sure how many T-Shirts we are really
> going to sell at Austria's Linuxwochen, therefor I suggest not to make
> them Woody specific (e.g. Swirl+Cowboy hat).

Good Idea...

> I have prepared a few suggestions[1], all of them are meant for black
> T-Shirts as I personally think that would be much cooler :-)

Jep, you'r right.

> Anyway, tell me if you like any of these or show me other
> suggestions. Time urges and we probably have many other, more
> important things to prepare for Linuxwochen...

My favourite is the one at http://mdcc.cx/tshirt/ - a Debian
Logo on the back and one one the lefter upper corner on the frontside.


P.S.: Sorry Gordon for getting this mail twice, its to early in the morning :)
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