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Re: Exhibition how long opened on Wednesday?

On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 11:29:37AM +0200, Tille, Andreas wrote:
> Hey, would it be this hard to get in there.  I expect to come about
> at 20:00 and I really try to hury up.  When I look at the list of
> telephone numbers you posted yesterday I'm just missing you and Joey - the
> two who I would try to call in first place if I would stand before a
> closed door tonight.

I asked several persons if they could borrow me a cellphone and
yesterday I got one! The number is


I've entered the number into the database yesterday as
well. Additionally, I switched the phone on two minutes ago, thus I'm
reachable... I expect to be in Karlsruhe at about 1500 and will ask if
it's possible to get into the hall later.

Two further news:

1. I asked for an amazingly long monitor cable some time ago to
   connect a computer to the beamer which will be (?) mounted on the
   ceiling. Now as I got the beamer itself it was newer than the last
   time I borrowed it _and_ there is a very long cable in the case!

2. We've got no 30m twisted-pair cable in the university but I've got
   a 15m one. Hopefully, that'll do...

That's it for now, CU later


Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
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