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Re: Debian flyer: patch for svenska.tex

On 03 Jun 2002 10:46:19 +0200, Jens Schmalzing
<jens.schmalzing@physik.uni-muenchen.de> wrote:
 > I've changed all occurences of the \url command to \boxurl.  The
 > spacing is fairly ugly now, I get some two dozen `Underfull \hbox'
 > warnings.  Can you please get the new version from
 > <URL:http://people.debian.org/~jensen/flyer/> and reword the relevant
 > paragraphs?

Not all of the patches I sent to Karl Hammar seem to be included in
the version you have. I would prefer to get all these various versions
synchronized -- with some sort of consensus on what exactly the
contents should be -- before starting to tweak the formatting.

I would like to propose that I send in my latest version and we
continue work based on that, but there were some things which I had
changed as a matter of taste (and some which IMHO were quite motivated
on correctness grounds, which were apparently nevertheless rejected;
some sort of compromise would be needed in those cases).

Aside from that, I don't use TeX much -- can you provide a transcript
where the underfull hboxes are identified? (Maybe later then.)

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