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Re: [LT] Hardware at Debian Booth

On Sat, Jun 01, 2002 at 06:18:08PM +0200, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:
> So we currently have 4 machines at the booth:
> - Your Alpha
> - the PowerMac
> - two i386
> Sounds quite empty.  I have a old SUN Netra (Ultra 1) with ~224MB RAM
> and a graphics adapter (maybe I'll find a cable for this, too) at the
> office.  Does it make sense to try to install Woody on it (never did
> this before on a sparc) and bring it with me?  I cannot promise this
> machine, but if it is useful, I can try it.

As the booth is 7 meters wide I think we can put one more computer
into it, but then it is IMHO enough. Can you please try to install
woody on it? *daumendrück* :)
> For there should be a user with a known (to the booth stuff) password
> on every machine, so that the machines can really be use to show
> features, even when the contributor of the machine is away...

Ok, I thought that this could be organized when we build up the booth
but how about the user "linuxtag" with the *gulp* login as a password?
Should the account get sudo-privileges to call apt-get? And how do I
write this as a rule in sudoers? :)


Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
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