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[LT] Hardware at Debian Booth

Moin Moin!

The beginning of the LinuxTag is near, so we should collect what
hardware is available and what is really needed.

The page at
http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2002/hardware.html seems
to be not fully up to date.  As far as I can see, Arne Wichmann
offered two TFT displays, Jörg Jaspert replaced one of the two 166MHz
i386 by a faster one (300-500 MHz) and I can bring a monitor with me.

So what hardware do we need for the booth?

I think we should have a good performing machine at the demo point
(I'd prefer a GHz i386, but nobody offered one so far, so we could use
the 300-500 MHz i386 offered by Jörg Jaspert).

Then we may need a machine to run the beamer (or does everyone who
uses it bring a laptop with him?).

At the back of the booth we can place the different architectures:

- powerpc: - Power Macintosh 7200/90 (Jens Schmalzing)
- m68k:    - Mac Quadra 650 (Michael Schmitz)
           - Atari Falcon (Michael Schmitz)
           - Atari TT (Michael Schmitz)
- alpha:   - SX164 (533MHz) (Thimo Neubauer)
           - AlphaStation 200 4/166MHz (128MB) (Roland Rosenfeld)
- sparc:   - SparcStation 4 (Andreas Müller)

What machines from this set do we need (3*m68k seems to be quite much
to me)?

Does it make sense to show two alphas?

What software should we install/run on the machines?  I don't think
that we want to see the backs of 5 developers reading their mail, so
the machines should show some demo or something like this.  As far as
I know most machines are not the most recent hardware, so high
performance graphics demos may not be the best choice.  But simply
running bb (the aalib demo) also doesn't sound too interesting.  So
what do we want to run on the machines?



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