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Re: [LT] Hardware at Debian Booth

On Sat, 01 Jun 2002, Thimo Neubauer wrote:

> > What machines from this set do we need (3*m68k seems to be quite
> > much to me)?

> > Does it make sense to show two alphas?
> Ummh. I thought that we already disussed the computers for the
> booth... At least I proposed a list in
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2002/debian-events-eu-200205/msg00014.html
> and in the following thread nobody really objected. The most
> interesting reply was yours telling us that you think that your Alpha
> is too slow. That's why I replied that I organized a faster Alpha
> which I'm installing at the moment. I thought that it would be
> implicitly clear that IMHO only the faster Alpha makes sense.

There was so much said implicitly, that I wasn't sure, that everybody
(including me) realized all of it.  That's why I tried to collect the
summary of it :-)

> I also already discussed the three m68k and proposed to show none of
> them at all. There was no reply at all telling "I think that we
> should show them", thus I assumed that the consensus was to let the
> m68k-boxes stay home...

So we currently have 4 machines at the booth:

- Your Alpha
- the PowerMac
- two i386

Sounds quite empty.  I have a old SUN Netra (Ultra 1) with ~224MB RAM
and a graphics adapter (maybe I'll find a cable for this, too) at the
office.  Does it make sense to try to install Woody on it (never did
this before on a sparc) and bring it with me?  I cannot promise this
machine, but if it is useful, I can try it.

> xaos is always nice ;-) I'd suggest that one machine shows something
> spectacular all the time and the rest is mainly for personally
> showing features to the visitors.

For there should be a user with a known (to the booth stuff) password
on every machine, so that the machines can really be use to show
features, even when the contributor of the machine is away...



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