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Re: Debian Day on LinuxTag

On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 06:00:28PM +0200, Thimo Neubauer wrote:
> maybe I just overread the messages but I fear that we haven't really
> discussed the Debian Day yet. So to at least start a discussion I'm
> proposing the following:
> > 3.2 On which day(s) shall the conference take place? 
> Now this is yet unanswered IIRC: I'd propose to have Debian Day on a
> day we don't expect many unexperienced visitors so that we'll have no
> problem manning the booth. Thursday is maybe a bit too cruel for
> interested Debian fans not coming from Stuttgart, so I'm just tossing
> Friday into the discussion because I'm guessing that Saturday and
> Sunday are packed with normal visitors.


I work since some minutes on a new mail, and this mail start with 'Open
Task' and the point: 
  - when make we the debian day? Th? Fr?

> IMHO one Debian Day is sufficient, the focus should still be on the
> ordinary visitors or we should organize something before or after
> LinuxTag.
> Opinions? 

yes and last year the DebianDay was a success...

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