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LT: next round


I hope I miss nothing. Please check the open Tasks, if you can help..

Open Task:

  - content of the CD
  - DVD? (have someone a burner?)
  - somebody who work on the posters
  - other artwork

  - request: talk/booth-show:  debian package building

  - when make we the debian day? Th? Fr?

 1. Do we want to have a booth?

    1.1 What do we want to demonstrate?

+        As shows at the booth:
+        SE Debian (Russell Coker)
+           -> the Visitors can try to break in
+           -> Russell will demonstrate the operation of SE Linux 
+              once or twice a day depending on demand.
+        the install of debian
+           -> Joerg Jaspert
+              maybe a live show with some DAU-Visitors
+        Thimo Neubauer (Debian on Laptops)       1   h
+        The Package-Managment (Michael Bramer) (maybe)

    1.2 How are we going to solve the staff-visitor ratio (so it's
        less than 10 Debian people for one visitor).

    1.3 Who will be around?

+        Roland Rosenfel We-Su
+        Michael Bramer  We-Su            DE    52 Düren
+        (Jan-Hendrik Pal on the Linux-Porting-Booth)
+        Eduard Bloch    Sa(afternoon)-Su
+        Joerg Jaspert (We-So)                  36  Fulda
+        Thimo Neubauer (We-So)
+        Andreas Fuchs                    AT          
+        Andreas Tille                    DE             
+        Christoph Baumann                DE             
+        Martin Michlmayr                 AT  
+        Michael Holzt                    DE    58  Kierspe     
+        Michael Meskes                   DE    41  Erkelenz    
+        Russell Coker                    AU 

    1.4 What kind of hardware will be required?

+         need:
+           Russell Coker: any sort of x86 box, 16M, 4G hd
+              -> Solved
+           beamer (white wall + space)
+               if we will make some shows, we must make this at our
+               booth! 
+               maybe: some mounting platform 

        1.4.1 What about hardware that we don't own?

+         need:
+           Monitors! (if we use the beamer, we have enough Monitors)

        1.4.2 Shall we create large signs (posters) to explain that it
              is not a conventional PC which is running the OS in
              front of the visitor?

    1.5 Who is going to provide which hardware?

+         Roland Rosenfel (AlphaStation 200 4/166) _without_ Monitor
+         Joerg Jaspert (2 i386 Systems) with Monitors
+         Thimo Neubauer (portable beamer)
+         maybe: Jens Schmalzing (Power Macintosh 7200/90 from Munich)

    1.6 What about CD's?

+         last year: 7.200 with about 1.000 reserved for our sponsors 
+                    (thanks joey)

        1.6.1 What ought to be on the CD?

              Remember, there's Knoppix <http://www.knoppix.de/> as well.

        1.6.2 Who is going to master the CD?

+               Stefan Gybas can master a debian-knoppix
+               Joerg Jaspert start mastering a woody cd

        1.6.3 Who is going to help with mastering?

        1.6.4 Who is going to make test installations etc?

        1.6.5 Who will negotiate with a press company etc.?

        1.6.6 Who will acquire donations and negotiate with sponsors?

+               grisu mail some mails...

    1.7 Who is going to plan the booth, including size requirements,
        furniture, computers etc.

+         time table about the debian day
+         time table about shows (a big clock?)
+         posters 
+            - World-Map
+               -> someone should check if we have new coordinates...
+            - general infos
+            - posters from a cluster (from Thimo Neubauer)
+            - old posters: http://cvs.infodrom.org/goodies/posters/?cvsroot=debian
+            - if someone can update this source, maybe joey can print it
+            - Thimo Neubauer can print some posters
+         plan the layout by Thimo Neubauer

    1.8 Anything else?[1]

 2. Do we want to have a conference of our own?

    2.1 Who will give a talk about what topic?

+         maybe Martin Michlmay (NewMaintainer)       1   h
+         Russell Coker (SE Debian)                   1-2 h
+         Michael Bramer (translated Descriptions)    1   h
+         ?? Thimo Neubauer (Debian on Laptops)       1   h

    2.2 How and where should it be promoted?

+         dwn
+         debian-user-german

+   2.3 Which day make we the DebianDay ? 

+   4.0 Transport trouble:
+         Joerg Jaspert from Fulda/Hessen/Germany

+   5.0 jfyi:
+        gym hall for sleep

[1] I'll take flyers and mugs with me.  We're going to have some 50
    general Debian-oriented t-shirts and I'd like to have special
    Debian/Woody t-shirts, so creative people should give a helping

+    some old t-shirts (Michael Bramer)
+    need: some artwork!

Michael Bramer  -  a Debian Linux Developer      http://www.debsupport.de
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