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Debian Day on LinuxTag


maybe I just overread the messages but I fear that we haven't really
discussed the Debian Day yet. So to at least start a discussion I'm
proposing the following:

> 3.2 On which day(s) shall the conference take place? 

Now this is yet unanswered IIRC: I'd propose to have Debian Day on a
day we don't expect many unexperienced visitors so that we'll have no
problem manning the booth. Thursday is maybe a bit too cruel for
interested Debian fans not coming from Stuttgart, so I'm just tossing
Friday into the discussion because I'm guessing that Saturday and
Sunday are packed with normal visitors.

IMHO one Debian Day is sufficient, the focus should still be on the
ordinary visitors or we should organize something before or after



Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org>
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