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Re: http://www.linuxwochen.at/

also sprach David N. Welton <davidw@dedasys.com> [2002.04.08.2140 +0200]:
> Ma e` sottointeso che questi eventi non possono interessare a gente
> che non parla il tedesco?  O che i commenti relativi
> all'organizzazione non possono essere di interesse ad altri che
> vogliono fare cose simili?

yes, sorry. the original post was in german, so we kinda just followed
along. it's about the LinuxWochen in austria, linux-specific events
all over austria, and i merely stated that i'd like to attend and help
out at the event in vienna, but i can't tell for sure right now.

it's taking place 28. - 30.6.02, but judging from the event-specific
webpages at http://www.linuxwochen.at/cgi-bin/index?topic=Wien, which
are all in german, it looks to be a german event anyhow. damn language

anyway, i'll try to keep -events-eu english ;)

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