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Re: [debian.nl] Debian project @ Linux-Kongress, November 2001

Remco van de Meent wrote:
> >      It would improve the situation a lot, if one of you would be able
> >      to take a beamer with you for this workshop.  Please drop me a line
> >      if this is the case.
> If you know which room you'll get for the workshop, and if there's no
> beamer installed, I can try to arrange for a beamer -- if I know in
> advance of course; no promises :)

Rooms haven't been associated to workshops yet.  I'll try to keep that
in mind and check with GUUG occasionally.

> > 5. Social Event
> > ---------------
> > 
> >   Regarding wednesday evening, is there a place in the city where we
> >   can have dinner?  In the past it was always appreciated to have
> >   dinner together.
> Sure, there are quite some students living in Enschede, and hence a lot
> of bars that serve a 'daghap' (kind of low budget, but good, food). As
> well a number of real restaurants.

Is there some restaurants that is low on smoking?  No smoking would be
ideal, but that's probably non-existant.



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