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Debian project @ Linux-Kongress, November 2001


[ This mail goes to developers@debian.nl as bcc since I've gotton the
  feeling that not everybody interested is reading
  debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org.  However, discussion should take
  place on debian-events-eu@lists.debian.org. ]

Topics today:

  1. The Debian Booth
  2. Accommodation
  3. BoF-session / Workshop
  4. Registrating
  5. Social Event


1. The Debian Booth

  I have gotton final approvement for our participation at
  Linux-Kongreß 2001 in Enschede.  I'll still have to find out some
  details, will provide information about them later, when I'm

  We are invited to run a booth within the exhibition area of
  Linux-Kongreß.  I'll provide details later.

   . I was told that we will at least have some sort of network
     connectivity through wavelan.  Michael and myself own some cards,
     so one laptop will have to be configured as gateway.

   . We can start the booth at 10 o'clock on Wednesday.

   . Who will bring what kind of hardware to the congress?

   . Due to interesting talks at the congress, we will have to sort
     out who will run the booth when others are listening to a talk,
     though, we should be able to do this online and on-demand, I

   . I asked about selling t-shirts which is no problem.

2. Accommodation

  I spoke to the GUUG (organizing team) today about accommodation and
  was told that it should be possible to get access a block house
  (woody house).  Some other people are using them as well.  We will
  probably be able to use one on our own.  Don't expect too much
  luxury there, it's a large room for 15 ppl or similar, with heating
  and power.  That's about all.  Showers will be in another house, I
  was told.  However, it should be sufficient for those of use who are
  used to use a sleeping bag and stuff.

   . It would be nice if those of you who want to stay at the block
     house could drop me a line so I can count them and provide
     approximate numbers to GUUG.

   . There is a supermarket at the other side of the street, not sure
     about a baker.  Maybe Marcel and Remco can shed some light.

   . Hence, it may be useful to take a water heater and a coffee
     machine with you.

   . We can share the block house until Friday evening.

   . We will need sleeping bags and camping mats, so please don't
     forget these.

3. BoF-session / Workshop

  We are invited to give a workshop/BoF on wednesday from 12 o'clock
  until 18 o'clock.

   . The room should be able to take some 30-50 people.

   . Using a beamer will be slightly problematic since I've been told
     that they are rare at the University of Twente.

     It would improve the situation a lot, if one of you would be able
     to take a beamer with you for this workshop.  Please drop me a line
     if this is the case.

   . We can use the room for the entire afternoon, after setting up the

   . I have applied for a workshop/BoF for the Debian project.  This
     will cover these topics:

      o How is the project organized?
      o How is its technical infrastructure organized technically?
      o How are all 12 architectures kept in sync?
      o What will be new features of woody?
      o How to build packages for Debian
      o How is the website organized, special focus on i18n
      o How do packages interact internally?
      o How to use debconf
      o How to improve Debian's quality
      o How to improve Debian's documentation
      o Maintaining a Debian system

     However, the content of this meeting will be controlled by what the
     audience would like to know.  Since I volunteered already I will be
     around all the time and should also be able to talk about most
     items.  However, since I don't know everything and, for example, we
     have Mr. dpkg around, other developer will have to explain certain
     things as well.  Oh, and apart from that, I'm not sure if my
     english will be sufficient, but I'll find out soon.

     If you would like to hear something about certain issues, I'd
     volunteer to collect them now so we're going to have a list of
     items in Enschede.

   . I'm going to announce this session on debian-news soon, so there
     may be visitors who are not Debian developers, at least I hope that
     we will have new people who want to learn something from us.

4. Registrating

  From what I gathered, you don't have to register for the congress,
  though, that would be appreciated, of course.

5. Social Event

  Regarding wednesday evening, is there a place in the city where we
  can have dinner?  In the past it was always appreciated to have
  dinner together.

  There will be a social event on thursday evening.  We should probably
  go there as well, all speaker and many attendees will take part.  n
  Linux-Kongress' social events were always fun.  We will, however,
  have to register.  Thus, please drop me a line if you would like to
  attend (alternatively, I could just sign up the whole crew for the
  social event).  Costs for the social event are 015 Euro (=EUR 13
  eventually).  Comments?



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