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Re: [debian.nl] Debian project @ Linux-Kongress, November 2001

Martin Schulze wrote:
> 2. Accommodation
> ----------------
>   I spoke to the GUUG (organizing team) today about accommodation and
>   was told that it should be possible to get access a block house
>   (woody house).  Some other people are using them as well.  We will
>   probably be able to use one on our own.  Don't expect too much
>   luxury there, it's a large room for 15 ppl or similar, with heating
>   and power.  That's about all.  Showers will be in another house, I
>   was told.  However, it should be sufficient for those of use who
>   are used to use a sleeping bag and stuff.

The woodhouses are primitive indeed, walking distance (10 minutes) from
the conference building. Note that there probably is no connectivity
(not even phone) there (last time I checked). There are also some
hotels on and off campus, see e.g.

>    . There is a supermarket at the other side of the street, not sure
>      about a baker.  Maybe Marcel and Remco can shed some light.

The supermarket is 5 minutes walking from the woodhouses. They sell
bread, but it is no bakery. 

>   We are invited to give a workshop/BoF on wednesday from 12 o'clock
>   until 18 o'clock.
>    . The room should be able to take some 30-50 people.
>    . Using a beamer will be slightly problematic since I've been told
>      that they are rare at the University of Twente.

I'm not sure if all the events will take place there, but most of the
conference and meeting rooms in the CC and CS buildings have beamers
installed. Some only have an overhead projector, unfortunately.

>      It would improve the situation a lot, if one of you would be able
>      to take a beamer with you for this workshop.  Please drop me a line
>      if this is the case.

If you know which room you'll get for the workshop, and if there's no
beamer installed, I can try to arrange for a beamer -- if I know in
advance of course; no promises :)

> 5. Social Event
> ---------------
>   Regarding wednesday evening, is there a place in the city where we
>   can have dinner?  In the past it was always appreciated to have
>   dinner together.

Sure, there are quite some students living in Enschede, and hence a lot
of bars that serve a 'daghap' (kind of low budget, but good, food). As
well a number of real restaurants.

If you need any help or more information, drop me a line (contact info
on my homepage)

:: remco@vandemeent.net
:: http://remco.vandemeent.net/

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