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Re: CDs

* Peter H. Ganten <peter@ganten.org> [20010330 13:07]:
>  > |Wie wäre es, wenn wir ein System vorbereiten, dass gut läuft. Basierend auf
>  > |Potato, aber mit neuerer Software wie z.B. Gnome 1.4.0 und kde 2.1.1 für
>  > |potato?
>  > 
>  > Da ist IMHO die beste Loesung von allen hier angesprochenen.
> Ich finde das auch die beste Lösung. 

I have to disagree.  Base is supposed to be frozen before the rest for
woody, so it should be rather stable for LT.  What I want to say is:
instead of focusing on potato, we should better put our effort into
making woody stable thereby having a newer system for LT and helping
with the release of woody (and getting feedback from LT users for woody).

Also, how about working together with some French guys, so perhaps the
CD could also be distributed at DebConf/LSM.  I don't know exactly
what the audience of LSM is, but perhaps it would make sense to have a
Debian CD there as well.

I know a large effort of producing the CD for LinuxTag is to translate
stuff and write good documentation.  While we wouldn't be able to
share this effort, we could still work together on getting a nice base
system stable.  We can then put some potato and some woody packages on
top of that base depending on how stable the various packages are.

Martin Michlmayr

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