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Re: eo-EO kaj eo-XX

Mi skribis al ISO por demandi cxu ne eblus aldoni kodon por 'internacia' lando aux almenaux rezervi kodon kaj sugesti ke homoj gxin uzu tiucele.

Kaj la respondo estis en iliaj Oftaj Demandoj:


07: What is the code for global, worldwide or unknown in ISO 3166-1? A: There are no ISO 3166-1 codes for these entities because they are no names of countries. If you need to identify such an entity in your aplication of ISO 3166-1 please use one of the user-assigned code elements specified in clause 8.1.3 of ISO 3166-1 .


09: Are there any code elements available which I myself can assign in my own application of ISO 3166-1? A: Yes. There are series of codes which the ISO 3166/MA will never use in the updating process of ISO 3166-1 and which are freely available for users. To quote from ISO 3166-1:1997, clause 8.1.3 User-assigned code elements: "If users need code elements to represent country names not included in this part of ISO 3166, the series of letters AA, QM to QZ, XA to XZ, and ZZ, and the series AAA to AAZ, QMA to QZZ, XAA to XZZ, and ZZA to ZZZ respectively and the series of numbers 900 to 999 are available."


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