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Update repository management

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	We manage 100+ Debian servers in our organisation, and are looking for some sort of system that will let us easily
mirror package updates selectively.  I'm thinking of a web-based or text-curses based interface that shows updated
packages that are available upstream, and allow us to then select them to be downloaded to our internal mirror.  Ideally
we'd then have multiple "distributions", e.g.: testing, limitedeployment, production so that we can move the updates
through a life cycle from initial testing in a test environment, to deployment on some low-risk servers, and finally
into full production.

With such a system in place, we can then just schedule all our servers to do an apt-get update; apt-get upgrade from the
mirror and only get the updates that have been approved to be deployed to that server (based on which "distribution" it
connects to).

Some sort of reporting on top would be ideal, so we can track and ensure that servers are getting their updates correctly.

Note that this is different from base package management (which servers have which packages), which can be managed by
any number of other products (cfEngine, puppet, custom scripts etc).

I'm happy to go and create something to do what I need, but if I can save time and use a pre-existing package, that
would be highly preferable.  But so far, my search-fu has not been strong enough to find anything like this; it might be
a matter of using the wrong keywords though :)


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