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Re: speculations to characterize issues for Debian Enterprise

* CJ Fearnley <cjf@CJFearnley.com> [100824 19:53]:
> On reflection, I'm really liking the idea of documenting "best practices"
> for solving various "enterprise" functionality use cases.

I think a big problem is a global user-independent default
configuration. It is often hard to get all that information,
as enterprise use seems to be less and less common so many people do not
even think about it (and having programers think that only graphical
configuration should be visibile to users do not make it easer to
collect those information).

The biggest problem with this is that is always get outdated.
Like for example setting a default homepage with iceweasel seems to
change every release.

(In lenny it is
echo "browser.startup.homepage=http://www.yourorg.tld"; > /etc/iceweasel/startuppage
cat > /etc/iceweasel/pref/startpage.js <<'EOF'
pref("browser.startup.page", 1);
pref("browser.startup.homepage", "file://localhost/etc/iceweasel/startuppage");

Or things like the /usr/share/icedove/isp/ directory where you can place
scripts with your local server config, so people get a new entry in the
account creation dialog using which they only need to enter they mail
account name and have the account fully configured. Or the javascript to
add additional CA certificates into iceweasel/icedove so users don't get
pestered with questions if your organisation did not manage to get
proper signatures for their (hopefully only internal) servers.
Those things are hard to find, but usually go out of date easily.

And then most of this documention obviously depends heavily on your
setup. If your users have and use KDE programs or if they use some GNOME
stuff or if they get less-fancy stable stuff always makes very different
needs, so collecting that usually makes it quite hard.

	Bernhard R. Link

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