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Re: Enterprise VPN

I would suggest using OpenVPN to solve all of your VPN problems.

On 8/16/2010 12:19 AM, Stephen Marron wrote:
Hello List,

Im looking for information on VPN Solutions especially L2TP/IPSEC VPNs

We have tried various combinations including

XL2TPD + OpenSwan/Netkey
     Works great but because windows doesnt use an ephemeral port for the
L2TP connection it cant handle multiple Windows clients behind the Same NAT

     Uses a hack to get the NAT-T ephemeral port and uses it to work
around the issue XL2TPD suffers from but OpenL2TP has proven very
unreliable and inconsistent...

anyone got any suggestions on other solutions that we can try?

or if you know of a way to force windows to use ephemeral ports for the
L2TP Connection that would be great :)



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