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Re: Enterprise and Debian Pure Blends

On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 02:05:22PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> I admit, I have a hard time seeing metapackages as particularly useful for
> enterprise server applications.  At the enterprise level, it's even more
> likely than it is normally that any given OS is going to be hosting a
> single application at best, which means that there tend to be fewer
> applications installed on enterprise servers than the average Debian
> system.  Also, generally server best practices say to install the minimum
> software required to do whatever task the server is supposed to perform.
> All of these work somewhat actively against metapackages.

That's why I was refering in my initial mail to the opinion of Debian
Accessibility team which is not really comfortable with the metapackage
aspect of Blends.  While I do not fully agree in the Accessibility case
I confirm that in the enterprise case this might be not the best way to
go.  However, at home I sometimes use metapackages containing also
Conflicts to make sure there  are only some dedicated packages
installed.  In short: Probably metapackages are not very practical for
enterprise - but perhaps there is some hidden potential.
> However, all that being said, the *web pages* that you've put together for
> tasks and metapackages are interesting, and I think could provide a nice
> way for people to locate a list of possible solutions to a problem, from
> which they can consider possibilities.

Yes, that's where I also see the main focus for the moment.
> Making things work well together is important, but mostly not on the same
> system.  The integration is usually at a level broader than on a single
> system.

Sure.  I think this aspect is shared between Debian Edu and other
potential enterprise solutions.  *Currently* there is no generic
solution for this in Blends.  I just want all parties to consider
if they think they found a solution please make it generic enough
to enable other Blends (for instance also Debian Med roled out in
a hospital in 2030 or so) profit from this.

Kind regards



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