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Re: Control Debian image size


the first question is do you need/want your system to be Debian?
Debian gives you stable base, reuse of broadly tested and deployed
binary packages, good support, security updates.

Johannes has very good described steps to shrink size of Debian system.

Here is information about shrinking size provided from ELBE:
Information source: https://elbe-rfs.org/images/20150322-clt-elbe.pdf

For example, default image size (from 2015)
231 MB
common finetuning rules
-44 MB (rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*debian*)
-40 MB (rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin)
-40 MB (rm /usr/share/locale/*)
-13 MB (rm /usr/share/doc)
-08 MB (rm /usr/share/man*)
new rfs size
86 MB

It brings you easy below 128M requirements. 

You may look at ELBE (https://elbe-rfs.org). It doesn't only build
images (in format you need: ubifs, tar, MSDOS parttable),
but allows you to check for (security) updates, generate license
information, source CD for license compliance.

But you certainly can go smaller with buildroot or Open Embedded.

On 19-03-03 10:17, JH wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been searching build system and distro for my small Linux
> embedded device for many weeks, the device has small resources, about
> 128 MB Flash and 64 MB RAM on imx6, it is a typical embedded system,
> no GUI, no Desktop environment, no multiple user interfaces, the C++
> applications are simply for data transfer and communication using
> TCP/IP, the applications were previously running well on Debian 8
> armhf, so Debian is my first choice, but the Debian image size could
> be a major problem, it could be too large to blow out device resource
> constraints, many people commended me to use OE or Yocto or OpenWrt
> distro which image size seems much smaller than the Debian armhf. Is
> it possible to control / reduce Debian armhf image size by Debian
> build, or isar or some other build bools, to reach the same resource
> requirement level in OE Yocto or OpenWrt?
> Thank you.
> Kind regards,
> - jh

Best regards,
Andrey Skvortsov

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