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Re: Control Debian image size

On 2019-03-03 08:38, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Quoting JH (2019-03-03 00:17:06)
> > I have been searching build system and distro for my small Linux
> > embedded device for many weeks, the device has small resources, about
> > 128 MB Flash and 64 MB RAM on imx6, it is a typical embedded system,
> > no GUI, no Desktop environment, no multiple user interfaces, the C++
> it is possible to produce a Debian rootfs well below 128 MB in size if you
> choose not to install locales, man pages and docs using the --path-exclude dpkg
> option:

128 MB flash and 64 MB of RAM doesn't sound too small for Debian
to me.

In my company we are using armel and armhf systems similar to
yours. They have both more flash and RAM, but we throw a
Python 3 stack and Nginx on the poor things. We use
path-exclude, too, to avoid docs, manpages, and translations.
Also we run debootstrap with "--exclude=(some packages)".

If the system still does not fit, look whether there is any
dependency you do not need. Then
 1. file a bug against the package, that Debian should turn
    the dependency into a recommends
 2. until the bug is fixes, replace the dependency with a
    dummy package with "equivs".

If there is a small number of huge packages you can't avoid,
try to rebuild them with less features and/or less

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