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Re: systemd requiring Linux >= 3.7

Le 24. 10. 14 15:49, csirac2@yahoo.com.au a écrit :
Hi Jean, I'm not here to complain about systemd. Did you read my Emails? I said that Jessie with systemd is good. I already maintain a Jessie+systemd build of my work, though it's not useful because platform-specific kernel modules were written for 3.0 even though 3.0 was already quite old at the time.

Nothing wrong, I don't complain either :-) I have taken the opportunity to share how easy it is today to migrate to systemd with Jessie in a hope to motivate more peoples to try it. It was in response to the 'These vendor's products easily run Debian today but won't boot a Jessie image with systemd.' part of your email.

I'm here wondering if adding this circumstance to consideration for retaining sysvinit capability in Jessir is worth throwing into the discussion. Given that so far I seem to be the only one on the planet in this predicament stuck supporting new, current hardware that's locked into kernel 3.0, perhaps not.'

Maybe can you explain to this vendors that the cost of the migration there modules to a newer kernel will be less than the cost of supporting them self an old, officially unsupported system. Ok, it's hard to say it it's true today, but this will be certainly true in the future if there expect to have up to date system. My point of view is that system V init are counted not only since systemd adoption, but already since upstart proved his goal.

Note: While mandated for a new board architecture, I strongly push the hardware to only use standard interfaces available from userspace applications, to avoids out-of-tree kernel module.



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