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Re: systemd requiring Linux >= 3.7

Quoting csirac2@yahoo.com.au:
With our dear universal operating system set to switch over to systemd, I am just wondering if anybody has communicated that this breaks many ARM platforms with "typical" vendors who only care to ship a kernel they once hacked at product launch, and/or the one provided by CPU vendor who barely does much more than fork and abandon stuff on linaro.org.

This is not a problem, because Debian will continue to support
sysvinit. It is just not the default. Maybe you will not be able
to run certain programs, such as GDM, but how relevant is this?

I'm maintaining an embedded product myself. It is based on
Debian with kernel 3.2 and upstart! We will probably update the
kernel and move to systemd. But if we could not update the kernel,
we would just stay with upstart or downgrade to sysvinit.


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