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Re: systemd requiring Linux >= 3.7

Quoting csirac2@yahoo.com.au:
Could you give me your thoughts on what a negative vote on the current proposal would mean in practice?

The impact of different results has been analysed by Lucas Nussbaum:
"Tentative summary of the amendments of the init system coupling GR"

For Debian 8 (Jessie), there is no need to fear anything. For later
versions it is hard to tell, because it does not depend much on the
vote, but mainly of what both upstream and Debian developers will do.

Just take a look in the crystal ball:

If systemd works well for most people, less effort will be put in
alternatives. If many people have problems with systemd, e.g. in
the embedded community, alternatives will continue to be relevant.

Maybe there will be sufficient pressure on hardware companies to
support newer kernels on their hardware?

Maybe in two, three years from now, there are good reasons, such as
security aspects, not to run a <= 3.7 kernel anyway?

If security is not a concern, maybe just keep Debian 6/7/8 forever?


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