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Re: systemd requiring Linux >= 3.7

On Friday 24. October 2014 14.10.06 Jean-Christian de Rivaz wrote:
> Debian Jessy with systemd is just already incredibly perfect. I predict
> that Jessis will be one of the most successful Debian release to date
> and will play a major role in the embedded market. For the first time
> ever, the armhf port is so complete that you can do on armhf everything
> you can do on a amd64 port. I used to work on custom build, on
> scratchbox build, on buildroot build, on openembedded build, but now I
> do everything natively on armhf directly on the target board and really
> enjoy doing so. Really, Debian Jessie is a major wonderful advance, try it.

It's worth noting that the cross-toolchains are now in Debian proper, at least 
if the Debian Wiki can be believed:

"Packages which implement some of what is described here (without the gcc-for-
host/build multiarch magic - just cross toolchains) are available in unstable, 
and (soon) in jessie"


Congratulations and thanks to those responsible!


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